Jagaul.com Pets K9 Soldier Runs ‘Full-Tilt’ When Her Name’s Called By Her Favorite Person

K9 Soldier Runs ‘Full-Tilt’ When Her Name’s Called By Her Favorite Person

Military dogs work tirelessly, serving our country and protecting our soldiers in battle. The dogs’ jobs range anywhere from sniffing out bombs, performing search and rescue missions, and tracking down people. One such canine soldier, a Lab named Taylor, was so successful at her job that the Taliban placed a bounty on her head.


Taylor, affectionately called Tay-Tay or Princess Taylor, served two tours in Afghanistan. Once it was time for retirement, like other devoted military dogs, she’d fly to America, where she’d be available for adoption. While the dogs’ handlers are given priority, things don’t always work out– mainly because of finances which can cost thousands of dollars.


That is when another American hero steps in. Molli Oliver is a flight attendant for United Airlines, but her true passion lies elsewhere. She uses her own money to reunite military dogs with their handlers. And Taylor is about to get the surprise of a lifetime!

As Taylor sits on a plane in first class, Molli tells her we’re about to see Daddy. The handler, whom she served with closely, waits in the airport for their reunion. The plane touches down in Boise, Idaho, and Molli and Taylor deboard. They make their way through the gate and round a corner. The dog hears her name and runs, full tilt, towards someone very special.


You have to witness the miracle unfold in the video below. Their reunion is pure magic! Thank you to all who serve our country, including our devoted military canines. And thank you, Molli, for bringing these families back together!

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