Jagaul.com Pets Woman Twists And Pulls Puppy Stuck In Fence To Free Him

Woman Twists And Pulls Puppy Stuck In Fence To Free Him

Animal rescuers are everyday heroes who often go into dangerous situations without hesitation. Stray Rescue of St. Louis is one of many organizations that save countless animals in need. On this specific occasion, someone called about a mama dog and her puppies. They were living on someone’s property and were in dire need of a safe environment. As Donna with Stray Rescue of St. Louis arrived on the scene, she was greeted by the mama dog in protection mode. She barked loudly, warning Donna that her puppies were nearby and to be careful with them.


As Donna neared, she could see three pups huddled together. But then, just a few feet away, she heard additional puppy whimpers. Donna looked around and saw one of the babies was stuck in a chain link fence. Donna knew she needed to pry the puppy out, but she wasn’t sure how to do that without injuring the tiny baby.


With love in her heart, Donna touched the puppy to reassure him that it would be okay. She gently pulled him toward her, but he was firmly in place. This rescue mission proved to be more challenging than originally thought. Donna moved the puppy side-to-side, hoping his body would fit through the small opening.

Do you think the rescue was a success? Let’s just say we are beyond grateful for rescuers like Donna and organizations like Stray Rescue of St. Louis. Their dedication and unwavering commitment to helping animals in need make folks like them angels on earth! Click ‘play’ on the video below to see how the rescue turns out.

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