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31 Inspirational Bulletin Board Ideas for Black History Month

February is Black History Month, and the theme for 2024 is African Americans and the Arts. The classroom is the perfect place to celebrate the achievements of Black Americans throughout U.S. history. What better way to celebrate this year’s theme than by making some art of your own in the form of an eye-catching bulletin board? Since your classroom door and the bulletin boards around your room are viewed every day by your students, they’re the perfect place to get creative in celebrating Black history. Whether you want to pay homage to historical figures like Harriet Tubman or present-day heroes like Michelle Obama, there are Black History Month bulletin board ideas for every classroom.

1. Quote Harriet Tubman

Harriet Tubman Bulletin Board at Atlantic Christian School

Equally adorable and inspirational, this bulletin board prominently features a young Black girl alongside a quote from abolitionist Harriet Tubman. We love that the girl’s curls are 3D since it really makes the bulletin board pop off the wall.

2. Reach for the Stars

A classroom door has a rocketship on it shooting off from Earth. It says Mae C. Jemison. Text reads
Brookhollow Celebrates Black History Month at Brook Hollow Elementary

If you’re going to celebrate Black excellence, Mae Jemison is certainly a good person to start with. What’s more impressive than being an astronaut? How about being an astronaut, a medical doctor, and a trained dancer! Bonus points for this door since it also represents women in STEM!

3. Celebrate the Past, Present, and Future

Text on the top in black reads Celebrating Black History. Red text says The Past with photos then The Present with photos, then the Future with more photos.
Counseling Artifacts at NB Wilber School

We love that this Black History Month bulletin board features Black changemakers from not only the past and present but also children and teens who are already on their way to making a difference in the future. Students will surely see themselves in someone like Naomi Wadler, who at just 11 years old gave one of the most powerful speeches at the March for Our Lives rally in Washington, D.C.

4. Learn From Black History

A rainbow colored bulletin board says Black History across the top. It has photos of different people with what can be learned from each emblazoned on them.
No Firedrills via Pinterest

Pick your favorite heroes from Black history, then select a verb to pair with them to create this inspiring bulletin board. We love the eye-popping use of rainbow colors to really grab your attention.

5. Get to the Heart of Herstory

A black bulletin board says Getting to the heart of Black herstory. There are pink and red hearts on the border and photos and descriptions of famous Black women.
Hallie Tepperman via Pinterest

This bulletin board works equally well for Valentine’s Day and Black History Month. We love the play on the word history since this board is dedicated exclusively to the incredible ladies out there.

6. Honor Ruby Bridges

A door says Ruby Bridges and includes a photograph of her. Most of the door is covered in hearts and a side cut out of a little girl meant to be Bridges (black history month bulletin board)
Ruby Bridges Door at Mrs. Koski’s First Grade Class

Ruby Bridges makes for the perfect subject for a Black History Month bulletin board or door in an elementary school since students will relate to her age at the time of her heroic act. The fact that Ruby Bridges is still just in her 60s will really drive home to students just how recent segregation occurred.

7. Identify Black Pioneers

A black background has white lettering that says Black History Firsts. It has child drawn pictures of Black pioneers and hand written descriptions under them.
Black Pioneers at The Core Coaches

Get your students involved with this Black History Month bulletin board by having them research Black pioneers and then having them draw a picture of their subject. Once done, attach them to a simple black background, and voilà! You have your board of firsts!

8. Get Inspired by a Hollywood Film

A door is decorated with a green background to look like a chalkboard. A woman is shown from behind on a ladder writing math equations on the chalkboard.
Tracey Campbell via Cricut

If you’re a math or science teacher, then this door based on the movie Hidden Figures is the one for you! Not crafty enough to bring this one to life? Enlist the help of your favorite art teacher!

9. Showcase the Power of Black Art

A hallway is connected by two doorways. The door on the left has a side profile of a girl whose dreadlocks are running across the hallway into the second door. There is information on artists in the hallway.
Black History Month 2021 Door Contest at Collinsville Kahoks

This award-winning door and hallway design features a young artist whose hair transcends the span of Black art history. The hallway features ancient African sculpture as well as more modern artists like Kara Walker and Kehinde Wiley.

10. Honor a Young Poet

A side profile of Amanda Gorman is featured with a line from one of her famous poems.
Marking Black History Month at English Montreal School Board

As the youngest inaugural poet in U.S. history, Amanda Gorman is the perfect subject for a Black History Month bulletin board. We especially love the variety of sizes and fonts of the words of her poem as they really call attention to the message.

11. Test Your Students’ Knowledge

A bulletin board has boxes with text on them on the left side and pictures on the right side. The text on the top says Who Am I?
A Month of Celebration at Brainerd Baptist School

Equally informative and fun, this interactive bulletin board challenges students to match the description of the person from Black history with their picture.

12. Celebrate Black Athletes

A black background says African American Athletes. It has pictures and descriptions of prominent Black athletes.
Christine Sommer via X

Since many kids love sports, why not combine that love with Black history on a bulletin board like this one? Be sure to include athletes of different ages across different sports so kids can find someone to look up to regardless of their sport of choice.

13. Draw Inspiration From Maya Angelou

Text reads Try to be a rainbow in someone's cloud - maya angelou. There is a rainbow made up of different colored construction paper rolled into small tubes.
Maya Angelou Project at Randolph Academy

Teach your students about Maya Angelou while challenging them to bring one of her many famous quotes to life. We especially love the chain-style rainbow and animated clouds on this bulletin board.

14. Make a Periodic Table of Black History

A bulletin board says Periodic Table of Black History. It has little boxes like on a periodic table but they have initials and names of famous Black people on it.
Periodic Table of Black History at Eagle Nation Online

This bulletin board is just oh-so unique and would be perfect for a science teacher who wants to celebrate Black history. You can get your students involved with researching Black changemakers to replace the elements.

15. Show Love for Black History

A black background has multiple hearts on it and many of the hearts have pictures of famous Black people on them.
Black History Month Celebration at Englewood Charter School

Since both Valentine’s Day and Black History Month are in February, why not combine them into this affordable and easy-to-re-create bulletin board?

16. Raise a Hand for Martin Luther King Jr.

Text on a black background reads I have a dream. there is a photo of Martin Luther King Jr. and hand cutouts that form a heart around the photo (black history month bulletin board)
Celebrating Martin Luther King Jr. Day at Primrose Schools

Have your students create painted handprints, then use them to form a heart around a photo of Martin Luther King Jr. and his famous quote. Finally, have kids write out what their dream is and attach those to the board as well.

17. Create an Interactive Board

A woman stands in front of a bulletin board that says Do you know? across the top. It has photos of famous Black people on it with flaps to lift (black history month bulletin board)
GCPS Photo Gallery at Gwinnett County Public Schools

We certainly love a good interactive bulletin board at We Are Teachers! Students can select a card to pull and then read all about the subject.

18. Use Words To Inspire

A bulletin board reads I can change the world with my words and has words like diversity and justice on it as well as quotes from famous Black Americans (black history month bulletin board)
Inspirational Words Bulletin Board at The Core Coaches

This bulletin board idea is simple but gets to the heart of the matter. Follow their lead and include quotes by Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks, and other famous Black Americans, then have your students select words around justice and civil rights to flush out the board.

19. Send a Powerful Message

A bright yellow board has writing across it that says Black History is American History. It has photos and descriptions of events and people from Black history. (black history month bulletin board)
Naumann PTA via X

We love that this Black History Month poster makes it clear that Black history is American history. Make sure that message is in big, bold letters, then select important people and events to complete the poster or bulletin board.

20. Make Some Black Girl Magic

A yellow board has text that reads Black Girl Magic. It has photos and descriptions of famous Black women on it (black history month bulletin board)
Midlo Celebrates Black History Month at Midlo Scoop

This one’s for the girls! This would be a perfect setup for a library or a case in the hallway because you can incorporate some books into the display. Honor Black women of the past and present, from Sojourner Truth to Oprah Winfrey.

21. Fall in Love With Black History

A bulletin board says Falling in Love with Black History. It has hands with names on it and a big heart.
@creativeprektools via Instagram

This is another great bulletin board that combines Valentine’s Day with Black History Month. Have your students trace their own hand, color it, and then cut it out.

22. Break Chains

A green background says Breaking Chains in Education. It features paper chains on the sides and photos of famous Black educators.
@schoolishinthe510 via Instagram

Black History Month bulletin board ideas that put the focus on famous Black educators, like this one, are certainly among our favorites! Get your students involved by having them create the paper chains or by researching a famous Black educator to include on the board.

23. Create Story Quilts

A bulletin board is covered in paper quilts made by students.
@lizzythelibrarian01 via Instagram

Harriet Powers, who was born into slavery in Georgia, was the first to use quilts to tell stories. Go over the history behind these story quilts and then have students make their own. Their finished products can be used to piece together a large story quilt that makes up your Black History Month bulletin board.

24. Read Black Authors

Black History Month bulletin board ideas include this one that features pictures of book covers by Black authors above an actual bookshelf.
@greatlibrarydisplays via Instagram

This would be the perfect bulletin board/display for a school library, but really it could work in any classroom. We especially love the idea of creating this display above an actual bookshelf with books by Black authors in it.

25. Learn the ABC’s of Black History

Text reads the A, B, C's of Black History. There is a different blurb beside each letter of the alphabet.
Eboni Person, Bayview Elementary via Cricut

Test your (or your students’) knowledge of Black history by seeing if you can come up with an important person or moment for each letter of the alphabet.

26. Explore Little-Known Facts

There are so many things to love about this Black History month bulletin board. First, we love that it features little-known Black history facts. Second, we love that it is interactive and gets students involved and even features a prize for the trivia winners. Finally, because students had to work hard to find the answers, they will likely remember what they learned.

27. Celebrate Different Textures of Hair

Six different art pieces have been shown showing different hair textures and shades of skin.
Chanique Davis via Good Morning America

The art teacher behind these incredible doors and artworks wanted to show the beauty and versatility of Black hair. We love the variety of textures, styles, and skin tones she included.

28. Honor Black Women in STEM

a tasseled garland appears over several pictures of women in STEM with blurbs about each one.
Black Women in STEM at naomimeredith.com

Some Black History Month bulletin board ideas celebrate not only Black history but women’s history as well. This particular bulletin board puts the focus on Black women in STEM and include engineers, astronauts, scientists, and more.

Learn more: 10 Black Women in STEM at Naomi Meredith

29. Celebrate HBCUs

A bulletin board is covered in pennants with the names of historically black colleges and universities.
Black History Month Revisited at macshieldonline.com

This bulletin board is a great way to educate students on HBCUs (historically Black colleges and universities). The mini pennants are oh-so adorable too!

30. Explore the Roots of Success

Black History Month bulletin board ideas include this one. One side is a Black woman whose shirt is made up of photos of famous Black women. The other side is a Black man whose shirt is made up of photos of famous Black men.
KIPP Philadelphia Public Schools via X

This bulletin board is so creative. You can design your man and woman however you want, just be sure to include photos of famous Black women and men on some part of them.

31. Learn Something New Every Day

Text Reads Black History Month. It is setup to look like a calendar. There is a card with a different person attached to each day of the month.
@ayo.herbalist via Instagram

All you have to do is make a calendar for the month of February with enough room in each day to place one of these educational cards. Each day, read the card and then follow it up with additional research, reading, and even videos to watch.

If you like these Black History Month bulletin board ideas, check out these February bulletin boards.

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