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7 Must Try Single Malt Whiskies Before The Year Ends

As the temperatures drop and the festive season approaches, let the clinking of whiskey glasses echo the warmth and joy of shared moments, making every sip a celebration in itself

Here are some fine spirits, the best amongst the best single malts that one can choose from

Over the years, single malts have become a favourite of whisky connoisseurs, especially because of its unique flavours and characters. Every brand has its unique characteristics which makes it a fan favourite. Indian single malts too have created quite an impact globally of late. Here are some fine spirits, the best amongst the best single malts that one can choose from.So choose one year end merry making as per your taste. Make sure your bar is stocked up with them, and ensure free flowing drinks and conversations.

  1. GianChand Premium Single Malt WhiskyFrom the house of DeVANS, GC is distilled in Jammu, capturing the essence of the climate, minerals and water of the region located on the foothills of Himalaya. Among other factors, the unique taste of GC is attributed to the specially designed copper pots with long swan necks where it is aged. It has distinct peaty fruity notes that lend it a very unique taste, making it truly unmatchable. The bold yet classy bottle packaging ensures that the whisky looks like it is worth million dollars. It has gone on to become a global favourite even as noted whisky critic, Jim Murray hailed it as the ‘best single malt from India he has tasted in recent times.’
  2. A Good Old-Fashioned Christmas WhiskyThis fruity single malt was aged exclusively in ex-sherry casks laid down 15 years ago at a Speyside distillery. They’ve created a rich dram with nostalgic flavours of fruit cake, clementines, hazelnuts and plum pudding by carefully mixing these casks together. It has an old-fashioned profile that resembles traditional sherried malts from the past, as the name suggests. This limited-edition whisky is ideal for everyone who appreciates great spirits and is best enjoyed with friends and family in front of the Christmas tree.
  3. The Singleton of GlendullanThe Singleton Single Malt Scotch Whisky, which hails from the country of scotch, is available in three distinct flavours: 12 Years Old Luscious Nectar, 15 Years Old Fruity Decadence, and 18 Years Old Sublimely Smooth. While it has a pleasant fruity flavour, it is also thick and warmly spicy. The Singleton of Glendullan comes in a bold 750 ml bottle and has a 40% abv. To achieve a balance, it is primarily aged in American oak casks, with a small part of this whisky is also aged in European oak casks.
  4. Paul John NirvanaPaul John Nirvana dresses in a deep red tone, replicating ‘a compelling expression’ for the beaches of Goa, India’s tourism centre. The nose of this one entices your senses with excellent honeycombed bourbon and some delectable fruitcake. It has a lovely flavour, with vanilla notes and salt-tinged barley on the palate, and a deeply scented honey on the finish. This unpeated single malt whisky with 40% abv, matured in high quality oak casks, promises to be a true embodiment of Goan flavour. The whisky is said to have a young, raw malt flavour.
  5. Amrut FusionAmrut Fusion, one of India’s pioneering single malts, is hailed as a cracking whisky with abundant aromas of honey, fresh fruits, and spices. Yes, the adventure of Indian single malts began with this wonderful whisky, which has barley-sugar aromas masked by a whiff of smoke. The single malt whisky, which has won multiple honours, is made in Bengaluru and is said to have a rich flavour. It is blended with spices, which contribute significantly to the unique finish of this spirit.
  6. Laphroaig Scotch 10 YearsThis will be an investment in which you will be pleased. Laphroaig creates single malts using centuries-old traditions and expert distillers whose passion will captivate all. It is made with malted barley and cold-smoked before being dried over a peat fire. The powerful, smoky aroma offers a delightful surprise in every sip, flowing with notes of seaweed and peat. It is full-bodied and has a powerful finish, making it ideal for special occasions.
  7. Laphroaig 10 Year OldThe 10 year old Laphroaig is a full-bodied, smokeydrink with a residual sweetness and a tinge of salt among the seaweedy, peaty flavours before a long warming finish. It is a traditional dram with surprising sweetness, a salty undertone as well as peaty flavours. With a smoky smell, it has seaweedy, “medicinal” fragrance, with a hint of sweetness.The sparkling gold colored drink is very different from anything that you have ever tried before.

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