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Afghanistan women want ICC to create refugee cricket team after Rashid Khan and Co. script history at World Cup

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With Rashid Khan’s Afghanistan side scripting history at the ICC T20 World Cup 2024, a group of Afghan women’s cricketers have again reached out to the sport’s international governing body to help them reform as a refugee side based in Australia. The women have shared a letter with the International Cricket Council (ICC) after Rashid and Co. capped off an unforgettable World Cup in the Caribbean. The Afghanistan men’s team made it to the semi-finals of the T20 World Cup for the first time in their history.

Afghanistan team logo is seen on a player’s uniform during the men’s T20 World Cup cricket match between Afghanistan and Bangladesh (AP)

After the Taliban took over and enforced bans on women’s sports in Afghanistan, more than two dozen women, who had been in been in the Afghanistan Cricket Board system, sought refuge in Australia in 2021. The group of Afghan women’s cricketers first approached the ICC in 2023. Members of the group have remained keen on playing in domestic competitions in Australia. However, they haven’t had access to international cricket despite ICC regulations needing all Test-playing nations to support men’s and women’s national teams.

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‘We are asking ICC to assist us in setting up a refugee team’

“A profound sadness remains that we, as women, cannot represent our country like the male cricketers,” the women wrote in a letter to ICC chairman Greg Barclay, the Associated Press reported on Tuesday. “We are asking the ICC to assist us in setting up a refugee team in Australia. Through this team we aim to represent all Afghan women who dream of playing cricket but are unable to in Afghanistan.”

According to the report filed by the news agency, the letter mentioned that ICC’s assistance for the refugee team could provide Afghan refugees with a chance to play, coach and administer the team without borders. “The creation of this team will allow all Afghan women who want to represent their country to come together under one banner,” the letter continued.

“Our goals in having a refugee team are to develop and showcase our talent, give hope to the women remaining in Afghanistan, and to draw attention to the challenges women of Afghanistan face. Like the Afghanistan men’s team are afforded, we aim to compete at the highest levels.”

Cricket Australia has previously supported Afghan women’s players in Australia. The record-time World Cup winners refused to play a bilateral series against the men’s team due to concerns over women’s rights.

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