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Death Calculator! AI Can Now Tell When You Will Die

Last Updated: December 21, 2023, 18:01 IST

AI can handle your jobs and also tell humans when you might die

University researchers have developed AI model that can work as a death calculator and give you very accurate results.

AI is becoming a threat to your jobs, simplifying work and also making it easy for you to create videos or images out of thin air. But did you know that AI is now capable of telling when you will die? That’s right, AI tech is now advancing to new levels making it possible for the technology to tell when you will pass away.

And to get this complex equation right, there is a death calculator that has reportedly been developed by researchers from the Technical University of Denmark who explain how the death calculator works and what data is fed into the AI system to give you the results and it seems to be quite good at getting it right.

Reports say the researchers have used the tech behind ChatGPT to determine this data using an algorithm called life2vec. This AI model uses details like your income, what job you do, where you live and your overall health background, using which, the algo gives you results that are expected to be 78 percent accurate, which is a decent level of getting the data right. The researchers use an interesting theory to base their AI models, comparing events in life to languages that people speak.

The AI model seems equipped to give results for both men and women based on their pasts. To get the AI model to show its worth, the team tested life2vec on around 6 million Danish people from both the genders, between 2008 to 2020. Feeding all kinds of data into the AI model, they were able to identify who was able to live after Jan 1, 2016 and they were impressed with the results they got from the AI.

But why does someone need a death calculator based on AI? The team pointed out that many variables of people, for instance, life insurance, needs the life expectancy for a person, and having this data in hand makes the whole process clearer for both the parties. Having said that, they did not reveal the actual resulting death date that was offered by the AI model, which is the right thing to do with regards to ethics and privacy of people involved in the tests.

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