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Die Hard’s Robert Davi weighs in on whether the 1988 classic is in fact a Christmas film | Celebrity News | Showbiz & TV

Since its release in 1988, Die Hard has left its fans wondering if it can be classed as a Christmas film – but one of its stars may have just put that very debate to rest.

Over three decades since its release, Die Hard has been a big hit with people everywhere, with families all over the world tuning in to watch it during the Christmas period.

The movie follows Bruce Willis’, who narrowly dodged his death while playing his character John McClane, a New York cop who goes to see his family on Christmas Eve – but when he gets to his wife’s office Christmas party, some bad guys take over the building leaving John to deal with all the commotion.

Even though the movie doesn’t sound very festive, the storyline takes place on Christmas Eve, and that’s why some people think it’s a Christmas film.

And Robert Davi, who plays FBI agent Big Johnson in the movie, says it “absolutely” is a Christmas movie.

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Speaking to the Mirror, he insisted: “Well, of course it’s a Christmas movie. They re-released it in the States and it did terrific at the box office. It’s playing right now in all the theatres because it’s a Christmas movie.”

Robert confessed that he didn’t initially see the film as a Christmas movie, but his perspective has changed over time.

The 72-year-old Hollywood star, explained: “Well, when I first was doing it, I didn’t think it was a Christmas movie in 1988 or whatever it was.”

Robert continued: “It’s set during Christmas. It’s set during the holiday season. So it has that vibe. It’s become a Christmas film; many people’s favourite Christmas film.”

Besides Die Hard, Robert has starred in big films like The Goonies and James Bond’s Licence to Kill.

He’s also a talented singer, with his powerful voice earning him success in the jazz charts thanks to his Davi Sings Sinatra Album.

In 2011, he released Mistletoe and Holly to support The Salvation Army in providing emergency assistance to millions of families in need.

Discussing how this collaboration came about, he shared: “Well, I did an album called Davi Sings Sinatra that went to number six on Billboard Jazz, and then after that, I met some people from the Salvation Army and I wanted to do a song that could help raise money, so I went into the studio did that and then gave it to them.”

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