Jagaul.com Pets Dog Groomer Opens Shop In ‘Middle-Of-Night’ To Give Stray Dog Haircut And Found Beauty Beneath Matted Fur

Dog Groomer Opens Shop In ‘Middle-Of-Night’ To Give Stray Dog Haircut And Found Beauty Beneath Matted Fur

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While driving along a highway in Florida’s Oviedo region, a couple came across an unexpected and alarming sight that stopped them abruptly. They saw a dog wandering perilously close to the traffic, narrowly avoiding passing cars. Worried about the dog’s safety and uncertain of its destination, they quickly checked the animal’s well-being. Their quick action and concern for the dog’s safety highlighted their compassion and the urgent need to help the stranded animal in such a dangerous situation. Meet Lucky. This is his INCREDIBLE story, and you’ll LOVE the happy ending below! 

Image/Story Source Credit: YouTube/Scoop

They were taken aback by his physical condition. He had severely matted fur that restricted his mobility and concealed much of his face, so he couldn’t see where he was going and almost got hit. He was barely responsive and appeared to have been abandoned and neglected for the most part of his life.

The pair was unable to leave him there. As a result, they elected to take him with them in the vehicle. However, because they were unable to care for him over the night, they issued an appeal on social media – which was answered by groomer Kari Falla.

Image/Story Source Credit: YouTube/Scoop

When a dog’s coat is matted to the point that blood flow is restricted, as well as bruising, it can happen. Kari recognized she couldn’t wait till the following day to assist him when she saw him in such terrible condition. Kari rushed to her BGE Grooming salon at 3 a.m., half-frozen and terrified. She remarked, “Nothing could have prepared me for what I saw.” It had a horrible smell, and the dog was unable to walk.

Kari worked tirelessly till 4 a.m.. He was completely shaved, and she guessed he’d been sporting unkempt fur for more than two years. They decided to call him Lucky while they waited for his veterinarian visit.

Image/Story Source Credit: YouTube/Scoop

The veterinarian’s office was the next big surprise. It appears that Lucky is both blind and deaf, which adds to his matted fur and poor condition. Had he not been found by the lovely pair, he would have undoubtedly died on the road before the night was over because of his matted fur and terrible shape.

After the surgery, the veterinarian neutered Lucky and administered vaccines and dental cleaning. The search for a permanent home for him began next. Zachary Blair was inspired by Lucky’s tale of goodwill when everyone came together to help him and he couldn’t wait to offer him a forever home. We absolutely LOVE happy endings and this was one of them!

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