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Free Guess Who Template for Teachers

This printable will make you want to go digging through your games closet! But even if you don’t have an old version of “Guess Who?, we promise it’s not hard to find one at your local thrift store. We picked up the one you see here for a mere $1.99. Then with a quick swap-out of the cards, we created a whole new version for the classroom. With several versions available, this Guess Who template is ready for your students to use. Plus, we have a blank template so you can make your own version.

Click the button below to get a free download of the Guess Who template.

So how did we do it?

The classic game comes with simple punch-out cards that slide into the slots. This makes it super easy to switch out to anything you want. Just remove the old cards, and replace them with any of the games we’ve included in this printable. Over the years, there have been different sizes of this game, so our template includes options for large, medium, and small. Just check which one fits the framing for your game first. Otherwise, the cards will slide out. Another tip is to print these on card stock paper and/or laminate them to make them extra sturdy. Here’s a video to see how we did it:

What games are available?

Within this printable, we have six different games available. They are also available in three sizes—small, medium, and large—because Guess Who boards have multiple sizes. Then there are also Character cards (or guessing cards) students will use as part of the game. Be sure to check the size you need first before you print. Here are the different templates:


We feature eight different shapes in this game. Plus there are multiple colors to be even more specific. Students could ask questions like “Is it red?” or “Does it have curved lines?”


We have 24 different animals in this game. They come in all different sizes, so students will be able to ask questions like “Do you live in water?” or “Do you have a long tail?”

2-Digit Numbers

This one features 24 different 2-digit numbers. This is the perfect way for students to practice their math, especially addition, subtraction, and multiplication.

3-Digit Numbers

This one also features 24 different numbers, but we’ve leveled it up to be all 3-digit numbers. Encourage students to grab a notebook to play this game as they think of questions to ask back and forth.

CVC Words

We took common CVC words and turned them into 24 separate cards. Students could ask questions like “Does it rhyme with cat?” or even get specific like “Does it end in T?”

School Location

This one features 24 common locations you might find in and around school. This is a great one to add your own customization to as well by using our blank set of cards.

Do you have a blank option?

Yes! We wanted to give you a Guess Who template to help you design your own game, so we included a set of small, medium, and large cards. You can use them for fun, curriculum review, or maybe even make your own set of student cards, like the one here.

Guess Who blank

Ready for the Guess Who template?

Click the button below to get all the different games, and don’t forget to pay attention to the small, medium, and large sizes before you print. You can also print character cards, which students will use to select the item they are guessing from the other person.

Guess Who Template game with box

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