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Frenchie With His ‘Freakishly’ Human Voice Has Back And Forth Conversations

Imagine having a dog that not only barks but also talks to you. Mary and Ortzy’s dog, Sunny, is a French Bulldog with a unique trait – he loves to talk! With a voice unlike any other dog in the world, this ‘blabber mouth’ pup has been capturing hearts and turning heads wherever he goes. Mary and Ortzy had Sunny for seven years. And one day, out of nowhere, he started talking and he hasn’t stopped since! This pup isn’t just a cutie, he’s a total riot!


According to Ortzy, Sunny’s talking is a result of happiness and excitement, a mix of all the feelings they share as a family. Sunny loves the attention he gets when they go to the city center or use public transportation, where people are amazed by his vocal abilities.

When Sunny first started talking, Mary and Ortzy were taking him to the vet, and they heard a sound they had never heard before. Sunny engaged in a really long conversation with them, and they initially thought it was a one-time occurrence. However, Sunny continued to talk a lot after that, much to their surprise and delight.


Mary feels like a proud mom whenever Sunny talks because it’s not normal for a dog to make these sounds. At first, she was embarrassed by Sunny’s vocalizations, but she has since come to terms with his unique talent. Mary and Ortzy now engage in conversations with Sunny, responding to him in the same way he talks to them, which leads to amusing back-and-forth exchanges.

Sunny is a funny dog with a lot of expressions on his face, and his owners believe he is perfect just the way he is. They would never change anything about him. His chatter brings joy and laughter to their lives and those who encounter him.


You will never believe what comes out of Sunny’s mouth! He’s a little chatterbox that sounds more human than dog. So, the next time you speak to your dog, don’t be surprised if they suddenly start talking back. After all, Sunny the talking French Bulldog has shown us that anything is possible when it comes to our four-legged friends.

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