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One in three homeowners renovating in 2024

A third (32%) of UK homeowners plan to take on major home renovation projects next year, according to data from Confused.com.

The most common reasons for renovating in 2024 include modernising the home (48% of renovators), addressing maintenance issues (29%) and increasing resale value (9%).

Bathroom remodels (33%), kitchen upgrades (28%) and exterior facelifts (26%) top the list of homeowners’ planned works for 2024.

Matthew Harwood, home and lifestyle expert at Confused.com home insurance, offers his tips to homeowners on keeping their home safe during renovations.

“The risk of property damage or other issues spikes during major renovation or construction works. But the right precautions and coverage can prevent these.

“It’s important to contact your home insurance provider and let them know you’re planning to renovate. Your policy might already cover  planned work, but it’s always worth checking to avoid potentially hefty bills if something goes wrong.”

  1. Research and hire professionals

“The first step is to properly research contractors. Find people who are qualified to do the work and help you to get the project started. You can check online reviews and ask friends or neighbours for recommendations.

“It’s worth taking time to get quotes from good local tradespeople. They’re more likely to work to a high standard because they want to preserve their local reputation.  .”

  1. Have a clear plan

“Before starting any work on your home, it’s important to put in place a clear renovation plan. This is useful if multiple tradespeople are working on the project, to make sure everyone is clear about their roles and responsibilities. You might also want to agree on how and when contractors can access your home to carry out their work.

“As a minimum, you should look to set out the scope of work – which areas of the home are going to be renovated – as well as what tasks your tradespeople need to do at each stage of the renovation. It’s good to set out an expected timeframe for the project with the professionals who are doing the work.”

  1. Protect belongings

“A major renovation project can leave your valuables exposed, so you should take steps to protect your belongings from damage or theft.

“Move any expensive furniture away from the area being renovated if possible. If the contractors can access your home while you’re away,   store small items such as jewellery somewhere safe.

“Check with your home insurance provider to find out the scope of your policy, you may need to consider renovation insurance. This is a type of buildings insurance that covers you during your renovation.”

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