Jagaul.com Pets Pittie Wants To Hold Her Rescuer’s Hand As They Drive To The Vet

Pittie Wants To Hold Her Rescuer’s Hand As They Drive To The Vet

Judy, a dedicated animal rescuer from TAO Animal Rescue, didn’t know what to expect when she pulled over to help an injured dog lying on the side of the road. The vulnerable dog appeared to be in a lot of pain, but something about her demeanor told Judy that she had been waiting for help. In broad daylight, it was disheartening to see that no one else had stopped to help the poor animal. With gentle coaxing, Judy managed to get the dog into her truck.


The two shared a touching moment as the dog held Judy’s hand during the 20-minute drive to the vet. Upon examination, the vet determined that the dog had not been hit by a car but had old fractures, likely from a previous injury and abandonment. Mercy, as the dog was named, began to show signs of improvement almost immediately.


The pup ate well and eagerly accepted toys and affection from Judy. A wheelchair was provided to help Mercy regain her mobility, but the determined dog refused to use it. To everyone’s surprise, she began walking on her own the very next day.

The veterinary staff fell in love with Mercy, and couldn’t believe that someone would hurt her or leave her to die. One of Judy’s Facebook friends mentioned that they knew someone interested in adopting a dog, and soon enough, a perfect match was found. The adoptive family had a large yard and plenty of love to give.


Mercy’s story is both heartbreaking and inspiring. Despite her painful past, she remained gentle and loving. In her new home, she has a favorite toy – a stuffed animal that she brought with her from the hospital. She uses it as a pacifier, holding it in her mouth as she closes her eyes on the couch. In addition, she loves chasing after balls thrown by her new family.

Judy received a video of Mercy playing happily in her new home, and decided to pay a visit. Upon arrival, Mercy recognized Judy immediately and greeted her with excitement. It was clear that the once-injured dog had found her forever home and was living a happy, carefree life.

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