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Republic Day 2024: Local Sourcing and Make in India Initiatives Drive Innovation

As India gears up to celebrate its Republic Day, the spirit of self-reliance and local manufacturing resonates strongly in the success stories of leading companies. Entrepreneurs discuss their journeys of commitment to India’s growth through local sourcing and the Make in India initiative.

Tailoring Global Solutions to Indian Needs

Philips, a global leader in health technology, has been making significant strides in aligning its products with the unique needs of Indian consumers. Deepali Agarwal, Business Head, Philips, emphasizes the company’s commitment to India through strategic investments, reflecting in propositions designed both globally and locally.

“One notable example is the repositioning of the Philips One Blade to cater specifically to the grooming needs of teenage boys in India. Simultaneously, Philips has introduced innovative products like the Hair Straightening Brush, which originated in India but has gained global acclaim. This showcases Philips’ prowess in understanding and addressing the diverse demands of the Indian market,” says Agarwal.

From the initial steps in co-manufacturing hair styling devices in India, the brand has now expanded its manufacturing footprint to multiple locations, producing several grooming and styling devices for both men and women. “The introduction of products like the Beard Trimmer Series 1000 and Hair Straightening Brush reflects Philips’ deep understanding of the local market,” adds Agarwal.

Moreover, in alignment with the firms’ commitment to Mother and Child Care, their India-manufactured product range now includes the Grow Bottle and sterilizer, showcasing the company’s dedication to addressing specific health and well-being concerns of Indian consumers.

A Three-Decade-Long Commitment to Quality and Local Manufacturing

For Tetra Pak, the journey in India began in the 1980s, a time when packaging for the food and beverage industry was in its nascent stages. Cassio Simões, Managing Director, Tetra Pak South Asia, takes pride in the company’s long-standing commitment to India, where they have been making significant contributions for over 35 years.

Simões opines, “Tetra Pak’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Chakan (Maharashtra) stands as a testament to their commitment to India. As the second-largest and one of the most advanced manufacturing facilities for Tetra Pak globally, this facility plays a pivotal role in the end-to-end support provided to the food and beverage industry in India.”

Simões emphasizes the company’s mission of ‘Making in India, for India, and for the world,’ a mission that aligns seamlessly with the Make in India initiative. The company has heavily invested in increasing local manufacturing to ensure ‘Quality without Borders.’ Today, approximately 80% of the equipment sold by the company in India is manufactured locally, demonstrating a significant stride towards self-reliance.

Over the last 10 years, Tetra Pak has quadrupled its production capacity in India, expanding the production floor twice to meet the surging demand. The company plays a vital role in the Indian dairy industry, with almost every dairy plant in the country featuring the brand’s equipment.

In addition to manufacturing, the brand has successfully built a robust ecosystem of partners, customers, and suppliers during its three decades in India. Simões suggests that the company is already contemplating what comes next, indicating a forward-looking approach to continue contributing to India’s growth story.

Local Sourcing and Make in India – A Recipe for Success

As India marches towards a future of self-reliance, the stories of Philips and Tetra Pak stand out as inspiring examples of global companies embracing the Make in India initiative. Their commitment to understanding local needs, innovating for the Indian market, and investing in local manufacturing not only contributes to India’s economic growth but also strengthens the global reputation of these companies.

As the nation celebrates Republic Day, these success stories serve as a reminder that local sourcing and Make in India initiatives are not just policies; they are pathways to innovation, growth, and sustainable development.

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