Jagaul.com Technology Techies Might Not Need Computer Science Degree To Work In Tech Companies: Here’s What It Means

Techies Might Not Need Computer Science Degree To Work In Tech Companies: Here’s What It Means

Last Updated: January 04, 2024, 08:00 IST

Technical skills might not be vital to code in the coming future

Major tech companies are planning for life with AI which could lead to major job losses in the coming years.

If you have been planning to work in tech companies and worried about getting a major in computer science to be eligible, those days might be over soon. In a recent interview with Forbes, IBM’s global managing partner for Generative AI, pointed out that working in tech companies won’t need technical degrees in the next few years.

Matthew Candy even mentioned that techies will be able to create new products without knowing how to code, which is surely a big statement to make for one of the biggest tech giants.

Candy was talking about the influence of AI in the industry and how it will simplify life for people, allowing them to focus on the bigger tasks and let AI handle basic functions in their daily workflow. IBM’s AI chief noted that technical skills will take a backseat as more focus will be on creative skills like communications, creativity that a person offers and more.

He also mentioned the need for AI to optimise the skills in the design field which means art degrees and designers are likely to face competition from the technology in the coming years. In some ways you can feel positive about Candy’s comments on the role of AI but the general impact and future of AI has already become a concern for many.

In fact, companies like IBM have already talked about the need to utilise the power of AI which could directly lead to major job losses in the next few years. Some experts have tried to dampen the threat of AI but looking at its advancing powers and ability to create content or anything in minutes, it does leave people with limited skill sets to question their future and any job prospects that could be part of their roadmap.

According to report last month, Google is one of the tech giant that could lay off as many as 30,000 employees as it gets ready to build use cases for AI to take over from humans.

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