Jagaul.com Shopping Product Reviews This Shark 2-In-1 VacMop Is 40% Off For A Limited Time

This Shark 2-In-1 VacMop Is 40% Off For A Limited Time

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I’m currently 8.5 months pregnant and have a 2 and 4 year old who demand snacks regularly and sneak them all over the house despite my best efforts. Our classic broom, mop, and cordless handheld vacuum just stopped being a practical option for me about a month ago because I can hardly bend down anymore. We live in a 900 sq ft ranch style duplex with all hardwood flooring and an HVAC system that is way too big for our unit, so dust spews out our vents like a leafblower.

The VacMop is the single best, most convenient household item I think I could have purchased right now. It is super powerful, I just have to press a different button to switch to mop mode, and I don’t have small children pulling out the cord every time I try to vacuum. The run time is about 10 minutes but that’s enough time for me to cover the whole main level. Probably not ideal if you live in a house with tons of square footage.” — Mar (This review has been edited for length. Read the full review here.)

How have I lived without this? For under $100 its suction power is amazing and one pad last forever. I replaced a pad after numerous uses only because I had cleaned up some high traffic areas and the pad itself was very dirty but I couldn’t believe the little compartment that holds the debris was still working! It packs extremely full, yet continues to have incredible vacuuming power! Upon opening, it took me a couple minutes to figure out that you cannot run the vacuum and the spray at the same time. The only negative I can find is that you have to hold in the button the whole while you are vacuuming and my hand does get a little tired. Other than that, I am in love with this little vacuum/scrubber!!!! Another awesome thing for me is that you literally pop off the pad and throw it away with all of the vacuumed up debris right inside of the pad. I have three other vacuums (yes- I love clean floors!) and all of them I have to disassemble and empty out the collection- all of the cat hair, food crumbs, dust, and sometimes, it sprinkles a bit on the floor around the garbage can or sticks in the compartment and you have to dig it out. You don’t ever have to touch it again once it’s been sucked up and it does not fall back out! No filters to replace either. Just- WOW!!!” — Moxie94 (This review has been edited for length. Read the full review here.)

I highly recommend this product to anyone that has hard floor in a good portion of their home!

The refills are relatively inexpensive (less than a dollar per pad at the time of writing this).
The suction is awesome. This thing picks up everything from M&ms to dog hair.
Cordless! First time cordless vacuumer here and it has changed my life. I can clean any section of my floor without having to map out the clearest path and closest outlet. I don’t have to plug and unplug the vacuum 4 times before I’m done. I don’t have to break my nails on human proof outlet covers or my foot when I forget to put them back on (why do they even make clear ones?!). I’m not tripping on or getting tangled in the cord constantly and I don’t have to wrap it all back up when I’m done. You couldn’t pay me enough to go back to a cord after this.
– It keeps a charge. I can vacuum and mop around 1,000sq ft without charging (about 15 minutes). The only time its died on me was right out of the box when I was testing it. Even then, it held the same amount of suction until it died (unlike some products that hold full power for all of 2 minutes and then slowly peter out)” — BTV (This review has been edited for length. Read the full review here.)

“This thing is LEGIT!! My husband bought it for me as a surprise to make my life easier and at first I was skeptical as to wether I needed it. I already had a norwex mop (which I love), a roomba (which I love), and of course, a broom for sweeping in between roomba runs. Uh WOW! This thing makes cleaning up after meals/kids messes easy and fun! The kids love using it to help out and I find myself calling floor duty just so I can use it ;)” — Rachel & Austin Holt (This review has been edited for length. Read the full review here.)

First off, I have a Shark Vacuum that has served me exceptionally well for 5 years now. I do take care of it and the fact is for carpet it is outstanding. I wash the filters frequently and replace the filters from time to time when they seem to be less effective. You cannot beat it for carpet. Thank you Shark people!

We recently moved to a home that has a conservatory that is carpeted and I have an area rug in the living room. The remainder of the home is hardwood floors and vinyl tile. While having that combination is a great addition to our lives, it does get soiled and needs cleaning with more than a vacuum. I studied the options and decided what is ideal for me.

I am in my 70′s but not a weakling, however vacuuming (the carpet vacuum cleaner is heavy for me, the wet mopping with a rag mop, and hauling a bucket of water is a huge challenge as I have about 1400 sq ft of hard floors. I wanted a light weight, no fuss alternative and by golly, this Shark light vacuum and wash is most efficient. I went to Shark first because I love the vacuum cleaner I bought 5 years

The new Shark Wet/dry mop is a bit more expensive than the other brand on the market. But that is the only comparison with the other brand that the Shark light vac/wet mop does not win. I mean it folks, this light weight battery-operated product is right there ready to go in my kitchen, it’s easy to use, it’s efficient and I can clean right when the mess is made with NO HASSLE. I highly recommend it.” — Sunnybrook (This review has been edited for length. Read the full review here.)

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