Jagaul.com Technology Want to Free Up Space on Your iPhone? Follow These Steps for Quick Results

Want to Free Up Space on Your iPhone? Follow These Steps for Quick Results

Old iPhone are infamous for their limited storage.

Storage can rapidly fill up on older iPhone models with 64GB or less of base storage. Here are some swift measures you can take to free up storage space.

If you have an older iPhone, especially one with 64GB of storage, you might have run into the problem of your storage getting full. This can be a real pain when you’re out shooting and want to capture new photos or videos.

So, how do you easily make space with the bare minimum effort right on your iPhone, without using a computer? Well, there are multiple ways to free up space. Let us guide you on how to go about it and ensure you make space quickly.

How to Free Up Space on Your iPhone

Subscribe to Apple iCloud:

Subscribing to Apple iCloud can help you empty local storage and create space on your iPhone. You can do this by heading to iCloud Settings > Photos and then selecting Optimize iPhone Storage.

Offload Unused Apps:

If you haven’t used an app in months, it’s better to offload it to save space. To do this, go to iPhone Settings > General > iPhone Storage > select Offload Unused Apps.

Review Large Attachments:

Like your unused apps, iOS also gives you the option to remove large attachments, including photos, videos, and documents like PDF files. This way, you can choose the files occupying the most storage, and if they no longer serve any purpose, you can delete them to save data.

Videos Take Up a Lot of Room – Find Old Ones You No Longer Need

Shot a long video for an Instagram post that is already up and is no longer needed? Try and delete it, as it will end up saving a lot of space. Typically, 4K videos on iPhone, especially ProRes videos, can take up a lot of storage. So, it is in your best interest to find old videos that you no longer need to save on storage.

These steps should go a long way in ensuring that you have ample storage on hand, even if you have an old iPhone with low base storage. That said, if you still can’t find the space, you can start afresh after backing up data to a cloud service.

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