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What insurance protects you against flood damage

At the time of writing there are 82 flood warnings in place in England.

Meanwhile there could be more adverse conditions coming, as the Met Office has warned of an “increasing chance of wintry conditions”, as parts of the country can expect snow next week.

Matthew Harwood, home and lifestyle expert at Confused.com home insurance, outlines what insurance measures you can take out to protect yourself in these tough times.

He said: “Heavy rain flood warnings are in place across the nation. So it’s possible that floods could damage homes in the next few days and Brits might need to claim on their insurance.

“Generally, buildings and contents insurance policies cover flood damage. This is useful if you need support with alternative accommodation or repairs.

“If you’re affected and need to make a claim, you should get in touch with your insurer as soon as possible. You should also gather evidence such as photos or videos and record the date and time. And if you can, keep damaged items so your insurer can assess the extent of damage.

“Flood RE is an initiative that can help – insurers are part of the scheme that helps people at risk of flooding get affordable insurance.

“Check with your insurer to see what your policy covers. If you live in a high-risk area, look into getting flood damage cover via Flood RE.

“The aftermath of weather damage can be stressful, but insurance protection can help. To reduce any worries and for further advice, our guide about flood support can help.”

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