Jagaul.com Technology WhatsApp Web Version Could Soon Have This Big Privacy Feature: All Details

WhatsApp Web Version Could Soon Have This Big Privacy Feature: All Details

Last Updated: December 30, 2023, 10:00 IST

WhatsApp username option will be useful on the web

WhatsApp on Android is already testing new privacy features with beta users and some of them will be coming to the web version as well.

WhatsApp is finally working on a feature that will let users stop sharing their phone numbers with strangers. Android users having the beta version have got the option to create usernames that can be shared instead of numbers to connect on WhatsApp. And now, it has been noticed that the messaging app will have the same option available to people who use the WhatsApp web client.

The ability to have a username for WhatsApp will be available through the profile settings right below the name tab in the interface. As you can see in the image below, the app clearly points out that people will be able to find and contact you without needing your phone numbers. Having this privacy feature could not only appeal to existing WhatsApp users but also bring more new users to the platform.

Many people have complained that the ease of connecting with someone via WhatsApp just by using their phone number is never a secure channel, especially when you don’t want everyone to know your contact details. So, having the username is like a unique identifier, something people had with the BBM for BlackBerry devices back in the days.

The username can be created using the ‘@’ in prefix before the name you would like to have on the messaging app. The good thing about usernames on WhatsApp is that you can change it frequently, there is no limit on changing it, which ensures people continue using it.

Android users have got a taste of the usernames with the beta version that should be rolling out in the coming weeks for everyone. WhatsApp has kept itself busy in 2023 with new feature additions and we expect nothing less to be done in 2024 as well.

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