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24 Emergency Preparedness Supplies Older Adults Should Have

In times of natural disasters, extreme weather events or other emergency situations, it’s hard not to immediately think of the most vulnerable among us, particularly the older folks in our lives that might have a more difficult time accessing aid.

For occasions like these, it’s never a bad idea to stock up a loved one’s home or car with emergency preparedness items and safety tools that offer potentially lifesaving benefits. If you’re looking to gift a parent, grandparent or friend with such a supply, but don’t know where to start, you’ve come to the right place.

We’ve done extensive reporting on emergency preparedness by utilizing global aid sites and speaking with various safety experts and other emergency-coordination officials regarding the items that everyone should have in case of an emergency.

In the list ahead, you can find some of the best products among these recommendations and findings that may be able to help older adults safely navigate everything from winter-related power outages to roadside problems to hurricanes and every emergency in between.

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